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Welcome to

Alcoholics around the world can search for 12 step meetings or any other alcoholic anonymous meeting within the Alcoholics Anonymous program. I began on August 22, 2006 with 64 meetings listed, today ( April 24, 2014 ) I have 5721 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings listed in the database.

I hope will become a great resource for alcoholics or for anyone else who suffers from alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a deadly disease and the alcoholics anonymous meeting, or group meeting, (including electronic and online meetings) is an integral part of sobriety. Ok, at least it is for me :) I first had the idea for this site while traveling, something a number of alcoholics also do, and was looking for a meeting.

Alcoholism recovery and the treatment of alcohol, in my mind, involves more than just meetings, or just having a meetings schedule available. So I will also try to compile lists of alcoholic treatment centers, rehabilitation centers & residential treatment programs, and other resources which I hope will help you, and others, in your sobriety and recovery. Other ideas include, A.A. literature and recovery medallions resources, as well as pages on the history of alcoholics anonymous.

You can now add meetings to the site completely anonymously - no personally identifiable information is collected if you don't want to register !! Or if you prefer you can upload an entire list to me as a CSV (comma separated values) file or Microsoft Word file or as an Microsoft Excel Worksheet!

All listings are anonymous. Please do not list any personally identifiable information when listing a A.A. Meeting, A.A. Conference, A.A. Special Event or other searchable listing or link on this site. All information gathered is kept confidential, never sold or loaned out.

I'd like to add a language feature to make the site available for all individuals regardless of language barriers. If you can help with language translations, please fell free to contact me.

I will be adding an A.A contact list by regions soon. Consider this like a 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous contact person for a specific area. All contacts will be volunteer's for a particular region. Contacts too will be totally anonymous, including their email address! You will be able to send an e-mail to them through this site, and then they can get in touch with you to help. This insures anonymity for all involved. I consider this a crucial part of 12-step work - reaching out to the alcoholic that still suffers (or needs help :-)

This site is not affiliated with A.A. World Services, any A.A. related organization, any listed alcohol treatment facility, or any other resource listed within the pages of

If you would like to link to this site, please feel free to add your site to our links page. I ask that any link from this site have a reciprocal link back to here. All links placed on this site must be A.A. related or recovery related. I will remove any objectionable content, or links that are not recovery based. You may link "for profit" sites provided they are recovery based. If you don't have a reciprocal link on your site, your link will be removed automatically (the software handles checking your site, and if you remove the link back to here, the software automatically deletes your link from my pages). For some links, such as official Alcoholics Anonymous sites, I have added a separate page for those links, since reciprocal links to official A.A. sites is not in line with the 12 steps and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. So if you have an A. A. web site (intergroup offices web sites, conferences and convention web site, area web sites, etc) please list your site on either the AA Service Links page or AA Events Links page.

All listings are assumed to be correct. If you find a listing that is wrong, contact me so I can fix the information. Please understand this project is a huge undertaking and I can not guarantee all listings to be 100% accurate. I can not check every listing added to the site. In other words, progress not perfection :)

In Love and Service;

George K.

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